JIPL and Georgia Law Host 2017 Big Data Panel, January 27th

The Journal of Intellectual Property Law, in conjunction with the University of Georgia School of Law, will be hosting the 2017 Big Data Panel on January 27, 2017 in the Law School. The Panel will begin at 12:30 P.M. and will be hosted in Classroom A. Lunch will be served.

Big Data constitutes the information and data that digital programs and applications, like GoogleMaps or Waze, collect in their operation. The data collected is used for analytics in tailoring programs to users’ preferences.

Big Data has started to create many issues across almost all fields with property rights, ethics, and other general legal topics because no one really knows who actually owns it, how to manage it, and what should they do with it. Moreover, these issues have yet to be discussed by policy and legislation, and courts have not really addressed Big Data as well. Big Data is an exciting, new field of law that will undoubtedly be very relevant in the near future, both in everyday life and legal scholarship.

A panel of six legal experts will discuss the implications and barriers in policy, regulation, and actual practice that are coming to light as Big Data becomes more prominent. We have two experts from the South Big Data Hub in Atlanta who specialize in research on Big Data issues, as well as a Georgia Law Alum whose practice deals with many of these issues on a day to day basis as well. Finally, Georgia Law Professors Khan, Miller, and Turner will join the panel to discuss their various research interests in Big Data.

For more information, please refer to the South Big Data Hub’s website: http://southbdhub.gatech.edu/.

Please contact JIPL Senior Online Editor Cassidy Grunninger at cjgrunninger5@uga.edu if you plan to attend.